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Paivi Lee
Paivi Lee is has her PhD in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Somatic Psychology and Trauma work. She received her Doctorate from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, California. She is also trained in Relational Somatic Psychotherapy which covers all aspects of somatic psychology from underlying neurobiological research findings through intensive clinical applications. The focus of relational somatic psychotherapy emphasizes relational and deeper transpersonal perspectives and includes much personal and interpersonal work, as well as the learning and practice of many different therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Lee has a strong clinical acumen and capacity to understand and apply relational somatic principles in her clinical practice and personally. She is a professor at a graduate school where she teaches future psychotherapists the skills she herself uses every day in her work.  Her warm, nurturing demeanor makes her very approachable by students and peers alike.

She really “gets” that, to be a good somatic practitioner, one must do one’s own inner work. She has been pursuing this avidly and does not shy away from deep personal explorations. She knows a lot about the somatic and interpersonal realms and is truly dedicated to furthering the growth and acceptance of this discipline by the larger therapeutic community.

Finally, she works with a difficult population on a regular basis – individuals from severely compromised and trauma filled backgrounds – and she has real skill and understanding about how to reach and help these individuals. Hence, her comfort and experience in dealing with the effects of trauma is a plus for her students and clients alike.

In her private practice, Dr. Lee sees individuals. couples, families and children.



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