Release yourself from family karma

By Sara Wiseman

Each of us enters this lifetime through the miracle of birth–conceived by humans, pushed into the world through the body of our mother. It’s said that we choose our families; that we choose our parents, siblings, cultures, even the time and place we are born into, because our souls have determined that this is where we will learn fastest on our journey of soul growth. Well chosen or not, we are all born into family, lineage, tribe. Now, it would be lovely if the family we’ve landed into is brimming with nothing but love and light, a continuous feast of honey and roses. However, for many of us this is not the case.

Repairing and releasing energetic ties

In the next four weeks, we will work deeply, and with intention. We’ll be contacting the spirits of your ancestors, and we will be connecting, repairing and releasing the energetic strands and emotional cording that exist in every family’s karma. It is serious energy work. However, I have crafted this course to be welcoming to all levels. That means, you don’t need a background in spiritual intuition or shamanic ritual to do this work. I will guide you through, step by step, at a level that you feel comfortable with. This also means that if you are more advanced in your practice, you will understand intuitively where to expand and go deeper with this material. Finally, I would expect for many of you that this course will be quite intense–this is to be expected, when we are working in the realms of Divine energy and healing.

The seven shadows

There are seven karmic shadows that are written into the history of our families. In this course, we will take on the task of healing whichever of the seven shadows are present in your family, either now or in the past. This is possible no matter how difficult or painful your family relationships have been.

The seven shadows are:








Announcing… !

Hello, Minnesota, California and the world beyond!

This is the launch of my new website In the past year my activities have been divided between teaching at the Adler Graduate School, conducting group therapy sessions and seeing clients. Through my research and the positive experiences of getting to know so many of you, I am determined to refocus my private practice in an even more holistic way: To help people meet their personal and professional goals.

Check back soon for more information.



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